Tools & Supplies

You’re going to need a lot of things so you might have to go window shopping to check on the prices of everything before you start. Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

An electric planer

A hand planer

A finger sized planer
A jigsaw
An electric circular sander

An electric drill with 3.4cm diameter drill-bit
Steel mesh (10cm x 10cm) (this looks like your screen door)
Measuring tape

Super thin plywood (about 250cm x 100cm)
A wooden workhorse

A dust brush
A foam blank
Fiberglass cloth (6m. Heavier is stronger! Minimum 6ounce recommended)
Fiberglass rope (100cm)
Surfboard resin & catalyst
Hot coat resin & catalyst
A leash plug

3 x fluorescent lights (for shaping in an in-closed room)
Safety mask
Masking tape
surgical face masks
surgical latex gloves
3 x plastic squeegees
3 wide paint brushes
Sand paper (fine and coarse) to fit the electric circular sander
WET sand paper

Here’s what your shaping area should look like: