Before you begin destroying your backyard or garden space, there are a few things you’ll have to think about. Firstly, the damage you will do will be permanent, so know this in advance because the value of your (or your parent’s) home and property will be affected. The workspace needed will leave hardened resin all over the ground and the dust from fiberglass will be everywhere, leaving a permanent smell that can be strong and unhealthy to live with.
 Next, the noise will be something your family and neighbors will have to deal with. The tools you will use are very, very loud indeed. Be sure to check with everyone before you start making a board. If you plan on making lots of boards, be sure everyone knows how long to expect a lot of noise.
 Now, how much space do you need? Well, the bigger the board, the bigger the space that you’ll need. Let’s say that you’re going to build a shortboard or funboard. You will need about 10ft x 8ft area with a lot of ventilation. Building a room would be best but you can use an area in your backyard. The differences are lighting (important for seeing details while shaping) and weather (you can’t do anything when it’s windy).

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